Data leaking! Hackers are selling 62,000 accounts from eToro, the online trading platform

Eli Cyber Security
2 min readJul 10, 2020

Specialists in secure data erasure report that users are exposed to great risk because an unidentified hacker group managed to access around 62,000 accounts, which are now for sale on a hacking forum.

It should be remembered that eToro is a broker platform specialized in social trading, allowing users to employ complex financial mechanisms without great knowledge in the subject. This platform trades multiple financial instruments such as stocks, currencies, selling options and cryptocurrencies. With three different locations in Cyprus, Israel and the United Kingdom, eToro is one of the main options in its field.

In its latest reports, eToro claimed to have more than 3 million active accounts, indicating its great growth in recent years, mentioned experts in secure data erasure.

For a few hours, multiple reports of users have begun to appear that detected unusual activity in their accounts, which would eventually have led to the massive hacking of eToro.

In its advertisement, hosted on the deep web, hackers claim that the database for sale has records of users such as name, email address, passwords, addresses, city of residence, among other details related to the type of operations that are carried out on eToro.

In addition, threat actors added some details about the activity of compromised accounts, specifying that those interested in these accounts could buy and sell shares in large companies (such as Amazon, Yandex, Tesla, among others), as well as having access to the resources of affected eToro users. It is still unknown whether hackers have already sold this information to any interested buyers.

The incident is already being investigated by those responsible for the platform, although experts in secure data erasure recommend potentially affected users to reset their passwords as an additional security measure while resolving this issue.

Those responsible for the attack operate on the deep web, which has become the ideal refuge for cybercrime groups. For years, authorities in dozens of countries have invested considerable efforts in combating clandestine hacking forums housed in this area of the Internet, although it is virtually impossible to stop their advance.

For further reports on vulnerabilities, exploits, malware variants and computer security risks, it is recommended to enter the website of the International Institute of Cyber Security (IICS), as well as the official platforms of technology companies.

Originally published at on July 10, 2020.